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Halloween Craft Ideas:
Milk Carton Craft Halloween Haunted House

Halloween Craft Ideas you can create using your recyclables? Yes! These Milk carton craft haunted houses are so fun to make. The supplies are super affordable and you can keep it simple, or get as elaborate as you may want. It is also a super fun kids craft project as well.

Milk Carton Craft Halloween Haunted HouseI created my milk carton haunted house as a simply window sill or table top decoration, but you can easily turn this into a door stop or book end by filling the milk carton with sand, or even a cool night light or votive by cutting actual windows into the milk carton and placing a votive or LED tea light inside.

To follow these Halloween craft ideas and turn your milk carton into a cool DIY haunted house decoration, all you need to have on hand is some black paper (construction paper works fine), craft glue, and some assorted colored papers for accents. You can also get creative by incorporating things like glitter, stickers, rubber stamp images, and more. Go the length and add details like shutters, a porch, chimney, and other decorative details.

How To Turn A Milk Carton
Into A Haunted House Decoration
Step One: Start by glueing the top of the milk carton shut. I used some quick dry adhesive and used some office supply paper clamps to hold it shut while it dried. super glue is a pretty good option.
If you are making a night light or votive holder you may want to cut the bottom off of the milk carton first, or simply cut a well sized hole or square into the bottom for the candle to fit through.

Step Two: Cut some black paper to fit over the outside of the carton. I held the carton over the paper and traced the peaked edges to create a template for those peaked sides of the carton. Cut two of them to attach to either side. I also measured the entire width of the carton, as well as length, and cut a rectangle to wrap around the outside of the carton. Lastly I cut two squares of paper out to use as the roof. To cut the paper I simply used a craft knife and a ruler. You could use a personal paper cutter or even a simple pair of scissors if you wanted.

Step Three: After cutting all of the black paper out use an adhesive/glue of your choice to attach it to the outside of the carton. I went with a combination of permanent adhesive glue runner and some spray Adhesive applied directly to the paper. You should glue the roof on last. Before glueing I actually rolled the paper reserved for the roof to make the edges slightly curl up. For an added texture you can also cut some paper with a scallop edge and apply it in layers over the roof to look like actual roofing tiles. I simply painted on some glue and black chunky glitter to add texture to the roof.

Step Four: To add windows and a door I cut some squares and a rectangle piece from some purple cardstock. I glued the windows on around all four sides of the "house". I also painted on some yellow accents using a sparkly accent ink. After the ink dried I added a layer of gloss medium to make them look more window like. I adorned the door with some decorative details and a doorknob using a gold marker.
I also added some shutters to the windows. To create the shutters roll a long piece of cardstock to curl the paper. Hold it long enough to retain the curled shape and then uncurl and snip to a smaller size with some scissors. Use a scoring tool like a bone folder, or something similar (the end of a chop stick?) to make horizontal lines across the paper. Add a strip of glue and attach them to outer edges of the windows.

Step Five Now to add some paper grass around the entire outside of the house. To make the grass cut a few long strips of green paper and simply used the old school method of snipping slits all the way down the paper. I glued the grass around the bottom edge wrapping it all the way around. After glueing the grass on attach the front door. Go back and bend and scrunch the grass to add some texture.

Step Six: The last step is to add some ghoulish embellishments. To create the embellishments you see on my haunted house I used a rubber stamp or two that I picked up in the dollar bin at the craft store. I stamped the images onto some cardstock, cut them out, and attached them to the outside of the house using foam 3d dots. You could also buy ready made Halloween embellishments as well. Either way any extras left over can be used in all sorts of other Halloween craft ideas, as well.

If you've got some cool Halloween craft ideas involving recycled milk cartons or any other recycled objects we'd love to see them! You can add your very own craft tutorial by visiting our Visitor Craft Ideas submissions page.

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Supplies List:

  • colored construction paper
  • glue/adhesive
  • accent ink
  • glitter
  • gloss medium
  • embellishments or rubber stamps
  • scissors or paper cutter

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